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by Casual Hoteles
Yes, we know you've heard of escape rooms, but what about escape cities? What is more Casual than getting to know Seville through riddles and mysteries that will help you delve into a city full of history.

We have found the definitive plan to get to know a city without the need for Free Tours or guides, just with a box full of clues and a mobile application. Escape City Box is a company dedicated to the distribution of experiences based on puzzles and tests that take place outside, as opposed to escape rooms.

What are the advantages of booking an experience like this?

• Get to know the city in a different, fun and dynamic way.
• Make sure that the youngest do not get lost between the culture and talks by the guides, making history more enjoyable for them.
• Spend a different day with the family .
• If you have visited the city before, this experience will enrich your visit and allow you to get to know Seville from another perspective.
• Best of all, at the end of the adventure you will have a good Casual bed to rest comfortably.

Two stories adapted to each city, because this plan can not only be done in Seville, but it is also possible to do it in other Casual cities, such as Bilbao, Cádiz, San Sebastián, Madrid, Valencia and Málaga .

We are waiting for you at Casual Hotels to discover the history of our cities in the most casual way.

See you in Seville!



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