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Prensa · Press
by Casual Hoteles
Starting this year, the UNICEF Friendly Hotels program has contributed to the fight against the impact of climate change on children.
Casual Hotels , in its commitment to social responsibility, has been part of the UNICEF Friends of the Spanish Committee program since January 2017, which emerged to generate a solidarity movement in the tourism sector. From the beginning of this year 2019, the Friendly Hotels program will allocate the funds raised through its actions to the fight against the effects of climate change on children.
Every day, 4,000 girls and boys die due to lack of clean water and adequate sanitation systems. A problem that is aggravated by climate change, whose impact could affect 175 million children over the next decade. Thanks to this commitment, it will be possible to expand access to adequate water, sanitation and hygiene services for families and communities that lack them.
These services are essential for the survival and development of children. With the intensification of heat waves, floods or droughts, natural disasters aggravated by climate change, water distribution systems (reservoirs, pipes, fountains, etc.) are often destroyed. In addition, these phenomena leave behind polluted waters that endanger the lives of children due to, for example, outbreaks of diseases such as cholera or diarrhoea.
Through the Friendly Hotels program, a movement that promotes responsible tourism, Casual Hotels and our clients can help fight against the consequences of climate change for children, for which we carry out awareness campaigns on the impact of climate change on water , and we raise funds for UNICEF's water and sanitation programs. Likewise, customers can donate during check-in at a hotel establishment that is part of the program, or participate in hotel events and activities. With 3 euros, UNICEF can provide drinking water to 2 children for a month.
Climate change directly affects the health, education, protection and development of children, especially boys and girls who live in the poorest areas. This can have irreversible effects on children, but it can be stopped with actions aimed at improving access to adequate water, sanitation and hygiene. Watch video.
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