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by Casual Hoteles
Gastronomy and the culture of tapas is, in general, one of the most important facets of our country. But if we had to go to a specific city to enjoy it, Bilbao would undoubtedly be in the TOP 3. Tapas is an art there, and also a way of relating. Basque culture is not understood without the gangs gathering around some zuritos and some pintxos. We bring you in this post 7 tapas areas in Bilbao. Be careful, if you visit them at 7… don't drink in all the bars! ;)
1 – Pool. Football atmosphere in this long street that, according to legend, is one of the pedestrian streets with the most bars… Metro: Moyúa, Indautxu or San Mamés.
2.- Garcia Rivero. True nerve center of the city and with classic pintxo bars, it serves as a link between different areas. An area to get lost and enjoy. Metro Indautxu.
3 - Old Town. Indispensable to visit the Old Town. Its more than 200 establishments offer the essence of Bilbao. If I had to choose one of the seven areas that we present to you, I wouldn't hesitate… Metro: Casco Viejo.
4 – Deust. Crossing the Ría we arrive at this neighborhood where we can continue enjoying the local gastronomy. The inhabitants are called tomato growers and the atmosphere in this area is very diverse and fun. Metro Deust.
5 – Ledesma. This pedestrian street, parallel to Gran Vía, is ideal for recharging your batteries with some good tapas after visiting the museums and shops in the centre. It is a fantastic meeting place for the daily afterwork. Subway Abando or Moyúa.
6 – Provincial Council. Another pedestrian street to enjoy sitting on a terrace of the best pintxos in Bilbao. More familiar on weekends and more executives on weekdays. Moyua Metro.
7-Guggenheim. The most artistic area thanks to the presence of the museum. The large influx of tourists has made the area adapt and now you can also enjoy excellent pintxos/tapas bars with which to recover after seeing the wonders of the Guggenheim. Moyua Metro. Of course, after visiting the areas and having snacked well, the best thing is a break in our Casual Bilbao Gurea.


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