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by Casual Hoteles
Coldplay has unleashed madness in Barcelona. When the dates of their 2023 tour were announced, the demand for tickets was so overwhelming that the British group decided to extend their dates in Barcelona for two more days. Now, Casual offers you the experience of enjoying a bit of this tour.

Our loyalty club is filled with color to give members a Coldplay experience. Just for being part of our palette, for being part of BeCasual , all members registered before May 8th have opted for a hotel night at Casual Colors Barcelona to enjoy the Coldplay concert on May 24th.

Because Barcelona is colour, it is the inspiration for artists, writers and travelers. Cosmopolitan city, dressed in a mosaic of ranges and textures that transform spaces into a multicolored experience. Environment that with a single walk through its streets immerses you in the true essence of the city.

Because Coldplay's music is endless tonalities, they have shown it on many occasions in their long career. And for the enjoyment of the spectators, through the live show, they manage to add emotions to all that melodic color.

Because our Casual Colors Barcelona hotel has a careful and colorful interior design that will be the beginning of your great story in the city that Gaudi painted and dyes the Mediterranean in mauve every sunset.

Because we want you to enjoy the best spring range, the tones of the city, the musical palette of Coldplay's live show and a BeCasual experience. Want to find out what your new favorite color is? Our BeCasual member, Jordi Camps, has discovered it while enjoying his stay at Casual Colors Barcelona.


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