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Prensa · Press
by Casual Hoteles
At Casual Hotels we have joined the “No child without a mustache” campaign for yet another year, with the donation of 600 liters of milk to contribute to the Great Collection organized by the Food Bank and La Caixa Social Work Foundation.
What is more important than a child's smile? At Casual Hotels we believe that nothing, so we try with all our strength that this sincere gesture reaches more and more children. That is why we have joined the initiative No child without a mustache, promoted by the Food Bank, with the collaboration of “La Caixa” Volunteers. Do you also dare to participate?
We tell you how. This action is intended to help the thousands of families living in a precarious situation, among which children are unfortunately the most vulnerable. The objective of Banco de Alimentos is to promote, on the one hand, the awareness of the rest of society, and on the other, to raise funds to adequately cover their food needs. The simple gesture of having a "mustache" is for some children just a memory of good times, so we seek to make them smile again and show our side of solidarity.

How to collaborate with "No child without a mustache"?

Did you know that with €6 a family has milk for a month? Every donation no matter how small counts. From Banco de Alimentos they thank you for every gesture, because the sum of more and more people and solidarity companies allow these families, and especially children, to have an opportunity. In our case we have involved the entire team of our chain, and the response has been unanimous, how could it be otherwise. Thanks to everyone's collaboration, we have made two donations to La Caixa offices in Valencia. Whether you are a company or an individual, you can approach the collaborating entities to make your donation, or do it through their website.


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