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by Casual Hoteles
Have you decided to throw the rest this year and are you looking for hotels for the end of the year ? Is it so? If it is something that is on your mind, we will make it easy for you.
New Year's Eve is one of the most anticipated days of Christmas. Having dinner with family or friends and having the twelve grapes at home or on the street is one of the traditions that we like the most. Because there is nothing better than ending the year with joy and with the illusion that the next one will be better. If you decide to leave home, take note!

Central and cheap hotels for the end of the year

If your first option in Madrid and you are looking for hotels for the end of the year, nothing better than staying next to Puerta del Sol so you don't have to go back home, you have it easy. The chimes of the clock of the Real Casa de Correos are the ones that have been broadcast live on television since 1962. The mythical square is filled with people from Madrid and people from all over, families and friends. So it is advisable to go early and experience the unique atmosphere of this special day. Drinking the grapes while the twelve chimes sound surrounded by so much illusion in the Madrid square, you have to do it once in your life. And then you can continue the night in the different bars and clubs in the city, without having to think about the car to return. Our Casual Madrid del Teatro is just a few steps from Puerta del Sol, so you will get rid of transport, which is crazy on days like this.

Hotels for the end of the year in Valencia

In Valencia , the New Year's Eve party awaits you in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which starts around 10:45 p.m. and lasts until 01:30 a.m. am. A more than recommended option:
  • Close and very economical getaway to celebrate New Year's Eve
  • If the weather is good, you can take a walk on the beach to inaugurate the new year.
  • At twelve bells you will enjoy a fireworks display from the Town Hall terrace.
  • The night closes with a light and music show from the balcony of the Town Hall for all audiences. You will dance non-stop!
As you can see, fun is guaranteed in Valencia. Also, if you need hotels for the end of the year, we remind you that from our Casual Valencia Vintage you can experience this party very closely. If you prefer, even from the comfort of your room, while you prepare to continue the celebration elsewhere. And with balconies that overlook the Plaza del Ayuntamiento itself!
Nearby we also have our Casual Valencia del Cine , inspired by movies of all time. And Casual Valencia of Music .

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Seville

The third option that we propose is Seville . In this city the chimes are celebrated in the Plaza Nueva, through the Town Hall clock. In this square all the people who want to enjoy a magical night meet. And from here they go to the different parties scattered around the city or to the bars in the area. Here you can see our cheap hotels in Seville. If you are looking for an economical option, Casual Sevilla de Las Letras could be one of your chosen hotels for the end of the year.
Start the year traveling! We are waiting for you at any of our hotels to celebrate the arrival of the new year!


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