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by Casual Hoteles
The last Wednesday of August. That is the date chosen for the great tomato festival: La Tomatina de Buñol, and of course, if you need recommended accommodation at a good price, perhaps we can convince you to book with your friends in one of our Hotels in Valencia , where we can also help you. to manage your entry with one of the official agencies. This party is a true madness that originated in 1945, when a group of boys caused a riot in which a vegetable stand was the protagonist. In the brawl that arose, the tomatoes flew uncontrollably, until the police took matters into their own hands. The kids thought the thing was fun, so much so that they repeated the move the following year. Of course, the authorities did not find this way of celebrating the holidays very orthodox, and for a few years the tomatíl battle was prohibited. But there was no turning back, the people liked that fun way of celebrating and every year, despite the arrests, there were more and more people throwing tomatoes at each other. There was no way to stop, so everyone joined the party, the enchanted hotels, of course, and after the broadcast on TV of a Weekly Report in 1983 recounting the special celebration, the party grew and grew, until in 2002 La Tomatina de Buñol was declared of International Tourist Interest by the General Secretariat of Tourism.

Ticket and hotel for La Tomatina

At present, the influx of attendees is so great that you have to get tickets and the capacity is limited. One of the agencies that helps you with the whole process is Busabout , with which we have been collaborating for a long time and which has placed us as one of the recommended hotels to enjoy La Tomatina. Through this agency you can get a ticket + hotel + transportation + activities. All complete and well organized. So you would have no excuse to skip one of the summer parties. Of course, there are some essential tips and rules:
  • Neither bottles nor hard or blunt objects can be introduced
  • T-shirts cannot be torn, neither yours nor that of others
  • It is recommended to crush the tomatoes by hand before throwing them,
  • To avoid strong blows and when you hear the signal to stop, well, stop short, no matter how wet you are...
Of course, in Spain we are specialists in parties, but this, without a doubt, is one of the most original. So if you're looking for your entry more hotel you know, come to Casual Hotels with Busabout .


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