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by Casual Hoteles
The November bridge is approaching in Madrid and one of the holidays that both children and adults like the most: Halloween . And it is that everything that surrounds the world of terror has something that attracts. It's also the time to think of ideas for dressing up, to prepare the pumpkins and gorge yourself on candy from creepy creatures. For our part, we are going to propose some plans to enjoy Halloween in Madrid if you have planned a getaway. First of all, why not spend this very special day at the Amusement Park ? This year they have prepared a new passage of terror on the chilling Warren File. You will be able to enter the Hodgson house where strange events take place. You can also enter the Hospital of the Dead: Exorcism where with only a flashlight you must go through different rooms being careful not to wake up the dead. Or live The Walking Dead Experience and feel the fear in first person when you see when the zombies come for you. Of course, they are activities not recommended for children under 10 years of age. We do not want you to have nightmares when you return to the hotel. Nothing better to live Halloween high of pulsations. And on October 31, you can also enjoy an apocalyptic Halloween dinner.

November bridge offers in Madrid

At the Warner in Madrid you can also spend a scary night. In addition to Halloween lunch or dinner with a show, they have also prepared four exclusive horror passages for this party, one about Freddy Krueger, another outdoors about the movie Friday the 13th, another about a ghost town in the old west and one for children, ' The animated forest of the Looney Tunes. The first three are recommended for over twelve years.
There will also be special shows and animations, so find the offers that best suit your family. The Night of the Spirits is a guided night tour of emblematic places in Madrid related to spooky stories and legends. And all accompanied with psychophonies on the mobile and photographs and images to experience it all with more force. A terrifying gymkhana will be held in the center of Madrid for Halloween night, it is Madrid Movie . You will have to pass 12 tests and it is mandatory to go in a horror-themed costume. Fun is assured. For more than 14 years. You can also spend the night at La Casa de los Horrores in Aranjuez where they will make sure you are scared but also have a great time or be the protagonist of the escape room La Creatura set in the world of Lovecraft and where only your ingenuity and logic can save you. 60 minutes of terror. And remember, if you still don't have a hotel in Madrid for this November long weekend, we recommend you take a look at our Casual Madrid del Teatro , next to Gran Vía, Puerta del Sol and very well connected to public transport. Oh, and maybe you'll sleep in the Phantom of the Opera room...


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