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Noticias · News
by Casual Hoteles
"What we know is a drop of water; what we ignore is the ocean” - Isaac Newton
The ocean generates oxygen, regulates temperatures, stores carbon and feeds us, and we just say we want to save the planet… Why not act? May the Day of the Oceans serve to raise awareness even more.
Taking care of what surrounds us should be any other of our habits, not an obligation that requires effort. Everything is interconnected and if the planet has a wound created by the human being, then we will be victims. We get distracted by multiple tasks and don't take care of the essentials. The first is the first. And if the base of humanity has a crack, it must be closed so that it does not go any further.
On Oceans Day, Casual Hotels wants to share 10 curiosities about the ocean that may interest you, in addition to becoming aware of the importance of taking care of our HOME:
  • One estimate predicts that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050.
  • The marine species assumes 90% of the warming generated by man and absorbs 25% of the carbon dioxide that we emit.
  • The oceans occupy 71% of the planet's surface.
  • The deepest place on the planet are the Mariana trenches that reach a depth of up to 11 thousand meters.
  • The average temperature of the ocean is two degrees Celsius.
  • The planet's oceans contain 20 million tons of gold. 230 thousand species registered in all the world's oceans. Even so, it is said that there is a large number, but it is not known how much due to lack of research.
  • The largest animal that has inhabited the earth is the blue whale.
  • Plastic debris in the ocean kills an estimated 1 million seabirds each year.
  • Due to the melting of the poles, some coastal cities will disappear in the coming years.
  • It is believed that the cities of the future will be under the sea. This considering various factors such as the aggressive greenhouse effect that would affect the earth if we continue to pollute in the same way.
  • In the deep ocean there is a jellyfish with the ability to live forever. The turritopsis jellyfish is capable of reversing its aging process when it is about to die. In this way he can sustain a biological immortality.
In addition to these curiosities, we recommend you read a work made up of four songs to raise awareness about the global plastic crisis.
At Casual Hotels, as a company that is aware of the environment, we have already taken measures to do what is in our power, for example, removing plastic bottles from offices and replacing them with reusable stainless steel bottles. In addition to other actions to help curb climate change.
And after all this reflection... As proof that we love the sea, have you seen our hotels inspired by the ocean? Casual del Mar Málaga and Casual de las Olas San Sebastián are themed around everything related to the sea, the beach, surfing... you can relax on a constant Day of the Oceans, enjoying beautiful images, becoming aware, etc. If you are also a lover of the sea, you can enjoy some spectacular days surrounded by waves and sand. Either of the two destinations are wonderful to enjoy the sea and its beaches.
Happy Oceans Day!


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