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by Casual Hoteles
The April Fair in Seville is one of the most popular festivals in the country, it is celebrated in the Remedios neighborhood and everything is filled with colored lanterns, garlands and light bulbs. But it is, above all, a party for Sevillians. That is why if you come from abroad, it is very convenient to follow a series of tips so that you feel a little 'more than there' and enjoy everything you can during these holidays. So if you already have your hotel in Seville for the April Fair (and we hope it will be ours ;-), here are our proposals: - Attend the ' Alumbrao ' on the first Monday of the Fair at midnight, where thousands of light bulbs are turned on to illuminate the enclosure and the cover, which is more than 50 meters high. Tonight all the members gather in the booths to celebrate the beginning of the Fair with the 'pescaíto' dinner. - Although there are more than a thousand booths in the Real de la Feria, only 16 are free. If you don't have a friend or acquaintance who will let you into a private booth, you can always go to the tourist information office next to the front door and ask where the free access booths are. We do not want you to return to your hotel in Seville if you have not yet enjoyed the splendor of the Seville Fair.
Throughout the week the traffic in the city is crazy so it is highly recommended to use public transport. In addition, throughout the Fair there are special bus services.
Very important, wear comfortable shoes . In addition, the streets are covered with albero, a golden-colored earth that forms a lot of dust, so your shoes will end up unrecognizable.

Hotel in Seville for the April Fair

Visit the Fair both during the day and at night. It lives in two very different ways. During the day, until 8:00 p.m., horses or horse-drawn carriages parade through the streets with Sevillians dressed in their best typical Andalusian costumes. At night, everything becomes more lively.
The normal thing is to dress as a gypsy but if you're not from there and you don't have a dress, don't worry, you can rent one or simply go dressed in street clothes and complement it with a flower, a shawl,... to give yourself a flamenco touch.
Stroll down the Calle del Infierno , where all the attractions or ' cacharritos ' are located.
Try the ' rebujitos ' with manzanilla and Sprite but accompany it with something to eat such as potato omelette, ham or fried fish.
You cannot miss the impressive fireworks that illuminate Seville on the closing Sunday night. So far the advice, but remember, if you still do not have your hotel in Seville for the April Fair you can check the availability in our Casual Sevilla de Las Letras, a central hotel, very cheap, close to the main tourist attractions of the city and very well connected.


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