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Noticias · News
by Casual Hoteles
Traveling north is in fashion. Specifically, traveling to the Basque Country and, even more so if we talk about Bilbao. The city, which was awarded last year as one of the five best in the world to enjoy in autumn by European Best Destinations, has become a global benchmark for tourism.
From Casual Hotels, where we know this wonderful city first-hand thanks to our centrally located Casual Gurea and Casual Bilbao Serantes hotels, we want to offer you a series of recommendations that you should not miss if you want to enjoy and get to know El Botxo in depth:

1-Artxanda viewpoint

You will enjoy the best panoramic view of the city from the Mirador de Artxanda, one of the highest places in Bilbao from where you can see the entire urban center and the imposing Ría de Bilbao. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and photogenic views where you can walk, take a postcard photo and ride the centennial funicular. The views of the Guggenheim, the Plaza Nueva and the Seven Streets are simply spectacular, do not miss it.

2-Mallona Stairs

One of the magical and charming corners of the entire old town of the Biscayan capital is the Mallona Stairs route. Some of the best kept secrets in the city are hidden in its 311 steps. Discover them for yourself and tell us about it. This route that connects the center with the Mallona Cemetery, right next to the Etxebarria Park, is one of the most popular green areas in Bilbao.

3- The Plaza de Santiago

The city center is full of places to wander and get lost. However, if you start walking through its streets, you will reach Plaza de Santiago, the nerve center of the old town. In this square you will not only find some of the best pintxos taverns in Bilbao, but also the imposing Cathedral of Santiago, built in the 14th century and in a Gothic style.

4-Pintxos and more pintxos

Bilbao, Bilbo or Botxo have countless places where you can enjoy one of the best cuisines. However, if you really want to get to know classic Bilbao venues in depth, you should focus on three areas: Santa María Jardines, Plaza Nueva and Ensanche Indautxu.
In these three areas you can enjoy dishes that have made Bilbao's gastronomy famous, such as pil-pil cod, croquettes and endless pintxos suitable for all tastes. Special mention and mandatory visit are Bar Charly , Gure Toki, Urdina, Con B de Bilbao or the Iruña café. Remember to tell us what you think.

5-Marzana Pier

This neighborhood has become in recent years one of the fashionable areas of the city. Known by many as Bilbao's Soho, it is a unique spot with views of the Mercado de La Ribera where you can enjoy a pleasant walk or have a drink, as it is full of bars and taverns where you can have a drink.

6-Guggenheim Museum

The work of the famous Canadian architect Frank Gehry, it is undoubtedly the cultural and tourist reference of the city. Located on the banks of the Nervión, its modernist design has been the cornerstone around which the renovation of the Biscayan capital has revolved in recent years. Inside, you will find some of the most impressive works of contemporary art, a style that has become a worldwide benchmark.
Finally, for those who like to enjoy the outdoors and who want to see more than just the city, Bilbao offers a multitude of landscapes to explore in its surroundings. However, if you have some time, you cannot miss San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, one of the most visited beaches on the entire Basque coast.
If you liked our advice, don't hesitate to visit any of our hotels located in the heart of the city, Casual Gurea and Casual Bilbao Serantes, on Bidebarrieta Kalea, 14 and Goienkale, 14 streets . We would also love for you to tell us about your experience, so tell us how your trip to Bilbao went in our email


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