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by Casual Hoteles
If you are in the capital, it is a must to go for tapas in Madrid . You have to let yourself be soaked in that cheerful atmosphere that surrounds each historic bar and discover the squid sandwiches, the snails in spicy sauce or the most incredible croquettes. Finding a tapas bar in Madrid will not be difficult for you. The complicated thing will be not to enter each and every one of them. From the typical and tourist Mercado de San Miguel, to the taverns of the Retiro neighborhood. Every place is good to enjoy tapas in Madrid.

1. San Miguel Market

One of the most recommended stops to taste Madrid's gastronomy is the remodeled Mercado de San Miguel . The historic building has arranged a space with high chairs and tables for tapas. You will find everything and you can buy food to take away or to eat right there: oysters, mussels, caviar, smoked dishes... In addition, it is located just a 10-minute walk from Casual Madrid del Teatro. The perfect place to go for tapas in Madrid!

2. The Dolores Tavern  

Founded in 1908, it will not leave you indifferent. Its tiled façade, its large marble bar presiding over the premises and its canapés have made Taberna La Dolores a unique and essential place to go out for tapas in Madrid. In the neighborhood of Las Letras, this century-old tavern offers you everything from Cabrales cheese with anchovies to anchovies in vinegar, ideal to accompany them with a well-drafted draft beer.

3. The Fisherman

Another historic place if you want to enjoy tapas in Madrid is El Pescador. With more than 70 years opening its doors, it offers exquisite squid, wild potatoes and unique garlic mushrooms . Of course, it won't be easy for you to find a place in their bar to taste them, especially on Sundays. It is always full!

4. Bar Najera

In the Chamberí neighborhood, the Russian salad at the Nájera bar stands out, a small traditional establishment that offers traditional cuisine with quality products. If you come to this tapas bar in Madrid, don't miss its stews, fish and shellfish and its meats, which are already famous. In addition, its simplicity and quality will captivate you.

5. Amadeo House

Among the tapas places in Madrid, you have surely heard of Casa Amadeo and its snails in spicy sauce , served hot to diners in a large pot. But this tavern, opened in 1942, offers much more: tripe, black pudding or marinated pig's ears... Another essential for tapas in Madrid.

6. Angel Sierra Winery

In the heart of the Chueca neighborhood we find another of the oldest taverns in the capital of Spain to go out for tapas in Madrid, founded in 1917. In its traditional bar you can taste anchovies and pickled tuna and delicious empanadas. Bodega Ángel Sierra is one of those charming places (it has two very different spaces) that will make you travel several decades back in time thanks to its wooden furniture, display cases with old objects and bottles of vermouth that are no longer remembered. Another design of a place to go for tapas in Madrid.

7. La Castela and Michelle Obama

The Retiro neighborhood is synonymous with tapas. Doctor Castelo street is full of taverns to go out for tapas in Madrid, such as La Castela, a classic whose counter serves vermouth on tap and you can order its specialty oxtail . Michelle Obama herself tapped there. On Calle Menorca, La Catapa is another must-see for tapas, with its tortilla pincho and its potato and truffle croquettes.
The list of places to go out for tapas in Madrid could be endless, but these are some of the taverns that we suggest from the Casual Hotels chain so that you can whet your appetite. Do you want to taste? Take advantage!


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