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by Casual Hoteles
Nice beating, huh? But how beautiful Seville is... The route continues, so we hope you have rested wonderfully in our Casual Sevilla de Las Letras. Ready? We continue to discover the Seville of Discovery , and this time our starting point is...

6. Cathedral of Seville. Avenue of the Constitution, s/n.

In the Cathedral of Seville we also find several places to visit related to the discovery of America, such as:
  • Columbus tomb
The tomb of Christopher Columbus has been in the Cathedral of Seville since 1899. A monument in which four heralds representing the four Spanish kingdoms (Castilla, León, Aragón and Navarra) hold a coffin.
  • Chandeliers "the Vizarrones"
Six Mexican silver candlesticks 1.85 meters high.
  • Virgin Chapel of Antigua
It is one of the Marian dedications with the greatest survival due to its miraculous fame and the great devotion it aroused both in Spain and in America.

7. Columbian Library. C/ Alemanes s/n.

Seville Cathedral contains two very important collections in its funds: the Columbus Library and the Chapter Library, both private libraries. Today the Columbian Library contains 3,200 volumes, of which 1,250 are incunabula and 587 are manuscripts. One of the most exceptional pieces is the Book of Prophecies of Christopher Columbus. The Chapter Library contains 60,000 books, manuscripts, maps, music, and prints—many of which relate to the history of the Americas.

8. House of the Pinelos. C/Abades, 14.

Renaissance-style house-palace of the Pinelo family, and where the Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Good Letters of Seville are currently located.

9. Church of the Madeleine. San Pablo, s/n.

This Dominican convent of San Pablo, was the residential seat of the Provincial Father of the Order of Preachers, which became the main center where the Dominican friars, who played such an important role in the evangelization of the American continent, were trained and consecrated to Christ. .

10. Reales Atarazanas.C/Temprado,2.

The Reales Atarazanas, close to the river, were used as a warehouse for goods coming from the New World and the Customs was the center that had the purpose of invoicing these goods. We will continue giving more clues to discover Seville and its tourist routes in our blog.


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