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by Casual Hoteles
It is time to unravel the secrets of the route of Don Juan Tenorio in Seville. And it is that this mythical figure is linked to its streets and its history. Mainly because José Zorrilla wrote “Don Juan Tenorio” in this city in 1844, and much of it in our new hotel in Seville Capital. The action of this romantic drama takes place in the Seville of 1545. And if you want to learn more about the figure of Don Juan, we will discover the places in the city and the tourist routes that are related to the work. It is also a different and original way of getting to know the city and getting lost in its streets.
The first act of the story takes place in the Hostería El Laurel. As we say, the place where José Zorrilla was inspired to write the work and which is now a themed hotel to honor his work. As described at the beginning of the play in one of the dialogues between the owner of the inn and Don Juan: “The Hostería El Laurel? You are in it, Gentleman!" This place is very important to us and it has become our Casual Sevilla Don Juan Tenorio . A hotel where we have represented part of his scenes and characters. We hope that it will serve as a reference for all those who want to know the true route of Don Juan Tenorio in Seville.Of course, we have kept the essence of this historical building so important for Seville Capital.Located in the center of the city, in the Plaza de los Venerables, it is very close to the Cathedral.

Route of Don Juan Tenorio step by step

The house of doña Ana, don Luis Mejía's fiancée, is the place where don Juan tries to take it from her in order to win the bet against his rival. It is located in the Plaza de la Alianza , in the Santa Cruz neighborhood. It is a very touristy square, surrounded by orange trees and with a central fountain. We continue with the Convent of the Virgin , where Doña Inés is confined. It is not known for sure what convent it is exactly, but it is believed that it was located on Calle Calatrava, a small street in Seville that received this name because that order belonged to it. As you can see, the route of Don Juan Tenorio has many secrets. In the neighborhood of Santa Cruz there is also the house of Don Gonzalo, father of Doña Inés. We arrive at Plaza Elvira, one of the most beautiful in Seville, surrounded by orange trees, with a small fountain and tiled benches. Here is a written pottery that reads like this:
"Tradition says that in this place, Doña Elvira's old comedy corral, the manor house of the commander of Calatrava, Don Gonzalo de Ulloa, father of Doña Inés, had its headquarters and that the pen of Don José Zorrilla, echoing the legend, gave life to the universal work of Don Juan Tenorio."
The house of Don Juan , where he takes Doña Inés and kills Don Gonzalo de Ulloa and Don Luis Mejía. Although it is not known for sure, popular tradition places it in Plaza San Leandro . And the house that Don Juan buys on his return and where he is assassinated by Captain Centellas, would be on Génova Street, today Avenida de la Constitución.

Tourist routes through Seville Capital

We continue with our route of Don Juan Tenorio in Seville. The cemetery that appears in the work would be outside the walls of Seville. Right where the Murillo Institute is located today. Although there are doubts as to whether it existed, since a Tenorio family had its own cemetery. In the Plaza de los Refinadores there is a sculpture dedicated to the figure of Don Juan Tenorio. On its pedestal we can read: “Here is Don Juan Tenorio. And there is no man for him. From the haughty princess to the one he fishes in a ruined boat, there is no female who does not subscribe; and any company covers, yes in gold or value lies. Look for the squabblers, surround the players, whoever is worthy to catch him, to see if there is someone who outdoes him in play, in a fight or in love.
Doing this route is always interesting, but if you come on October 31, the eve of All Saints' Day, it is something unique. It is a tradition to represent the play Don Juan Tenorio by different companies or to make dramatized routes. And if you also stay at the hotel that shared history... What more can you ask for?


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