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by Casual Hoteles
Are you looking for a hotel for the night of San Juan in Valencia? Well, we are going to try to make it easy for you, but first, you have to know a little more about one of the most anticipated celebrations in the city. And we can't think of a better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than by taking your first swim in the Mediterranean, as well as combining it with a city break to discover its tourist spots or its gastronomic culture. The Night of San Juan is celebrated at dawn from June 23 to 24 and Valencia is lived with special enthusiasm. All the city's beaches are filled with people of all ages to perform the rituals of this festival and make their wishes come true. Stepping over the bonfire you have lit 7 times or jumping into the sea and jumping 7 waves backwards while making your wish are the most common rituals of this magical night. The sea and fire come together to celebrate the summer solstice.

Hotels near the beach in Valencia

To celebrate the Night of San Juan you can go to almost all the beaches in Valencia but La Malvarrosa, La Patacona and Las Arenas are the best known. Friends and family sit around the bonfires eating, drinking, listening to music, waiting for the time to jump the waves and the bonfires. So if you want to book a hotel for the night of San Juan, we recommend that you look for one with good connections to these beaches and that you take into account the rest of the activities you plan for your getaway. In Valencia, the shortest night of the year awaits you, a fun and magical night that you will not forget. So go thinking about packing your suitcase without forgetting to pack your swimsuit. And don't hesitate to stay in any of our 5 hotels ( Casual Valencia Vintage, Casual Valencia de las Artes, Casual Valencia del Cine, Casual Valencia de la Música and Casual Valencia de las Civilizaciones ). Each of them offers you an option adapted to each type of trip, whether as a family with children, as a couple or as a group of friends.


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