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by Casual Hoteles
We are very proud that Travel Bloggers , the Bloggers Association of the Valencian Community, has chosen our Casual Valencia Vintage hotel to celebrate its assembly. At Casual Hotels we know that experiences are what make us fill our analog or digital notebooks with stories that are worth telling and sharing and that is why we celebrate that you have chosen us. Because a blogger is above all a narrator of traveling conversations that reaches thousands of corners throughout the planet. A true blogger takes notes, records his observations, takes the trouble to talk, feel and perceive local experiences with all his senses, adding his own perspective. That look is the value that makes each one special, unique and different. The sieve of the look adds up. It makes stories and narratives great. Family trips, as a couple or alone. For all tastes, like all people who feed on experiences. Bloggers welcome. It is through your lyrics that many dream destinations become experienced destinations. We are sure that each of those views that make up the blogs of the Association of Travel Bloggers of Valencia will find something from our community and from other cities in the world that continues to feed the minds and restless spirit of travellers. From Casual we share with you the desire to accompany, surprise and welcome bright-eyed travelers who, out of necessity or pleasure, are looking for something different from which to start or end their days.
The Bloggers Association of Valencia is made up of those who firmly believe that there is responsibility and seriousness in what is communicated. Categorized into themes: family trips and trips with children, couples' trips and solo trips and trips with history, this association is already referenced in the institutions responsible for tourism in the Valencian Community.

Tell me who you travel with and I'll tell you who your favorite blogger will be

First you are a traveler, and sometimes the traveler becomes a father. Do the looks change? For some the travel plan does not change, the destination welcomes the entire family. With the little ones in the backpack, the Valencian bloggers tell us first-hand about the ups and downs of traveling with children of different ages. These "evolutionary" bloggers give off a double adventure: that of destiny and that of their own families. They are: Elpachinko Losviajesdehector Backpackerstwopointzero Amamalegustaviajar If your travel preferences are just for two, you have several options depending on the profile of the traveler you are. From bloggers who tell us about their experiences with good services for the best possible price, inside and outside of Spain, these blogs are offered by the Association of Valencian Bloggers. Log This is travel Consejeroviajero Travellinglavidaloca Modotraveller Solo travellers? Interesting proposals in these blogs: Cafeconviajes Lasandaliasdeulises Unpaispararecorrerselo And if what you are passionate about is retracing the steps that have been traveled years ago, blogs about places with history are your thing. For you it is: Dear association of bloggers of the Valencian community, we encourage you to continue with your work. We hope that your meeting at our Casual Vintage hotel has been very fruitful and helps you become better known, also, that we meet again soon, in Valencia or in any other Casual city.


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