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by Casual Hoteles
Today, April 23, the day of the book is celebrated throughout the world, one of the best creations of the human being, not only for the conservation of information, but also as a means of transmitting culture, history, science and philosophy.
Reading is, without a doubt, a unique experience, in which the reader can connect with a fable, a tradition, a legend, an event in history, in life...
Currently, we are in the digital age and the traditional value of reading a physical book is less and less. Even so, there will continue to be a minority that bets on the tangible and the smell that each of the pages of a book gives off. And as! The detail of giving it to an important person means creating an emotional bond and a special memory forever.
For some people, the book is just a support in which data is recorded and with which to have access to information, but for others, it is a unique experience, because when reading a story they use their imagination to enter it and experience their own emotions. . In addition, reading allows you to expand your knowledge on a certain topic.
It is about improving reasoning ability and growing intellectually. We have to feed our brain with stimuli and in a positive context to learn with enthusiasm.
IF you consider yourself a good reader, and you don't just like to travel between pages, we can guide you to a hotel in the center of Seville , Casual de las Letras Sevilla , inspired by the most important stories in the world of literature, so that you live your own casual story. Who knows! maybe you rest in a room that is set in one of your favorite readings...


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